Cashless Tipping: New Feature in the RaiPOS

A new feature is available in the RaiPOS application. Now customers can tip using their bank card. This will allow thousands of entrepreneurs involved in the catering industry to drive up their earnings.

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Cashless payments have become so popular that many people have abandoned cash completely. However, for employees in the catering industry, this has become a real headache, since tips are a significant part of their earnings. It often happens when customers delighted with dinner and want to thank the waiter, but they just do not bring cash with them.

With a new feature in the RaiPOS application, this problem has been solved. Now restaurant owners and waiters can enable the Add-tip option. It’s simple: the customers only need to inform about their desire to tip with the card and say the amount. This process is no different from any other payment: the customer attaches his contactless bank card or another NFC-enabled device to the smartphone and can tip with one touch.

RaiPOS is a convenient, modern and secure solution powered by tapXphone. The application is being developed by the RPC team. It is successfully operated in Albania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Kosovo.

About RPC

RPC is a shared service center of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) providing a range of card-related services to RBI’s subsidiary banks in CEE. It is one of the largest processing companies in the region, with almost 1.9 billion transactions processed in 2023, hosting over 7.8 million payment cards, and managing a network of 130 thousand, POS terminals. RPC provides services to Raiffeisen banks in Austria, Albania, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Kosovo, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. In 2022 RPC started providing services to the first client outside the RBI Group, following the sale of Raiffeisen bank Bulgaria to the KBC Group and its subsequent merger with the local UBB Bank.


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