TapXphone is Introduced in Serbia and Bulgaria

TapXphone, the innovative payment solution by IBA Group, has made its successful debut at Raiffeisen Bank in Serbia and Bulgaria. Bank clients in these countries can now embrace the convenience of accepting contactless payments using their smartphones.

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Introducing RaiPOS, the mobile application built upon the tapXphone payment solution, enables entrepreneurs to accept contactless payments effortlessly anytime, anywhere. Entrepreneurs can unlock various convenient features tailored for small-scale businesses with an NFC-enabled Android smartphone equipped with the RaiPOS app and internet access. The app offers intuitive functionality, from seamless daily business closure to easy transaction cancellation and money return.

Sellers can stay in control and optimize their finances through a dedicated web portal, providing real-time transaction tracking and terminal management. With tapXphone, entrepreneurs can efficiently manage, plan, and optimize their financial operations, ensuring effective business growth.

Vadzim Smatrayeu
Head of tapXphone, IBA Group

We are delighted to announce the launch of our advanced payment solution in Bulgaria and Serbia. TapXphone revolutionizes contactless payments, eliminating the need for traditional bank terminals. With a smartphone and our intuitive app, sellers can effortlessly manage transactions. Buyers can enjoy seamless, one-touch payments for goods and services.

Unlocking New Possibilities:

Experience the perfect payment solution for small and medium-sized businesses. TapXphone offers simplicity, mobility, and flexibility in sales, enabling fast and convenient cashless payments for consumers. Embrace the future of commerce and accept payments anywhere, from itinerant trade to concerts and recreational facilities.

Mariela Atanasova
Director of Individual Banking at Raiffeisen Bank (Bulgaria)

Anticipating the shift towards mobile payment services, we foresee a gradual transition from traditional POS terminals to mobile applications. RaiPOS empowers sellers to accept payments in just three simple steps effortlessly: set the amount, swipe the buyer’s card, and confirm the payment. This streamlined process ensures a fast and easy experience for both sellers and buyers.

Expanding Reach: tapXphone’s Success Story

TapXphone debuted in 2020 with a Raiffeisen Group bank, marking the beginning of its journey. In 2021, it further extended its services to the Slovak Tatra Banka. Excitingly, tapXphone has plans for future expansion to other European banks within the esteemed Raiffeisen Group.

Discover the power of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) ‘s leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe. With subsidiaries operating in 13 countries, RBI offers a wide range of financial, banking, leasing, insurance, and asset management services to cater to both individual and corporate needs.

Learn more about the tapXphone solution.


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