Airport Benefits with Tap to Phone: IBA Group Completes a Project for Visa

IBA Group introduced a convenient mechanism for obtaining airport benefits for Visa premium card holders. Now cards will be validated not through a teller terminal, but with a regular smartphone due Tap to Phone technology. Travelers flying from airports in Azerbaijan will be the first to test the novelty.

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Holders of Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cards have free access to business lounges, luggage wrap, and drinks in coffee shops, Duty free discounts and other benefits. Previously, in order to enjoy these benefits, users had to attach a card to a special terminal that checks the availability of certain benefits.

Now, a regular smartphone is used instead of a terminal, which has the same functions. This is now possible thanks to the Tap to Phone technology and tapXphone application which turns a regular smartphone into a teller terminal. Its use is completely safe for cardholders, since all reading of confidential information is protected by international certificates.

Vadzim Smatrayeu
Director of the Technical Department of IBA Group

The use of smartphones at airports is another proof that terminalless solutions demonstrate their effectiveness and demand in the market. Due to the fact that the smartphone has replaced the terminal, there is a good opportunity to scale premium Visa services, and airport benefits are a good case in point. We hope that in the near future premium services will be expanded and will be available at new points of sale and service.

The project took less than 3 months to complete. In the future, the use of tapXphone for card validation will be scaled to cover other airports.

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