IBA Group Introduces tapXphone Payment Solution in Azerbaijan

In collaboration with Visa, IBA Group has successfully implemented the tapXphone project in Azerbaijan, with Kapital Bank being the first to offer this innovative service in the country. TapXphone, a certified contactless payment solution by Visa, forms the foundation of the Mobile POS service, transforming Android smartphones or tablets with NFC capabilities into fully functional POS terminals.

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Empowering Small and Medium-Sized Businesses with Mobile POS
The Mobile POS service is specifically designed for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, catering to retail shops, service outlets, hairdressers, couriers, taxi drivers, kiosk owners, and cafe operators. You can easily activate the mobile POS with just a click of button.
Users can seamlessly accept payments using an NFC-enabled Android phone. On the other hand, customers can enjoy the convenience and security of contactless payments using their contactless cards, phones, smartwatches, fitness bracelets, or other NFC-enabled devices.

Expanding Payment Options with tapXphone

As IBA Group continues innovating in the financial technology sector, introducing the tapXphone payment solution in Azerbaijan opens up new possibilities for businesses and customers. With a focus on convenience and security, this contactless payment solution facilitates faster and smoother transactions, revolutionizing how payments are made and accepted.

Vadzim Smatrayeu,
Head of tapXphone, IBA Group

Entrepreneurs now have a convenient and secure method to accept contactless payments. This innovative solution offers a flexible alternative to traditional POS terminals, ideal for businesses prioritizing mobility and flexibility.

About Kapital Bank: Leading Financial Institution in Azerbaijan

Kapital Bank is Azerbaijan’s largest financial institution, boasting an extensive service network. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the bank caters to over 3,000,000 individuals and 22,000 legal entities. It actively participates in various social state programs initiated by the Government of Azerbaijan and contributes to developing the country’s economy.

About tapXphone: Expanding Reach in 2022

tapXphone’s reach continues to grow, with the second implementation taking place this year. In February, clients of Maib, Moldova’s largest bank, gained access to this innovative payment solution.

Countries Covered by tapXphone:

  • Lithuania
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Kazakhstan
  • Slovakia
  • Estonia
  • Serbia
  • Latvia
  • Bulgaria

With IBA Group’s ambitious plans, tapXphone is set to expand its presence in several European countries by year-end. Discover more about the tapXphone solution and its transformative capabilities.


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