TapXphone Confirmed PCI CPoC Compliance

IBA Group successfully recertifies its TapXphone payment application, ensuring the security of contactless transactions. The CPoC certification, held by only 20 solutions globally, validates tapXphone's reliability and enables its deployment worldwide.

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Embracing the Shift to Contactless Payments

Contactless payment solutions have gained momentum, replacing traditional banking terminals. TapXphone stands out as a hassle-free option, requiring no additional equipment besides a mobile device. Experience the convenience and security of tapXphone as it reshapes the payment landscape.

Vadzim Smatrayeu
Head of tapXphone, IBA Group

The CPoC security certificate validates tapXphone as a trusted and secure payment application used by numerous entrepreneurs worldwide. Its reliability ensures peace of mind for businesses as they accept payments from clients across various regions.

IBA Group’s Plan to Achieve MPoC Compliance for Enhanced Security

IBA Group is actively working towards achieving compliance with the upcoming MPoC security standard. This proactive approach ensures that their payment solutions maintain the highest level of security for merchants and consumers alike.

About CPoC Certification

CPoC certification is granted to solutions that enable contactless payments using off-the-shelf mobile devices with NFC capabilities. Developed by the PCI Security Standards Council, the CPoC Standard outlines security requirements for vendors and laboratory testing protocols. For detailed information, visit the PCI SSC website. IBA Group adheres to these standards, ensuring the protection of payment data in their CPoC solutions.

About tapXphone

TapXphone, the Visa and Mastercard-certified proprietary solution by IBA Group revolutionizes payment acceptance for entrepreneurs. Launched in 2019, this application provides mobility, flexibility, and speed to businesses such as couriers, service companies, and retailers. Entrepreneurs can conveniently accept contactless payments anytime, anywhere, with just an NFC-enabled smartphone and the tapXphone-based mobile app.

tapXphone Global Reach:

IBA Group has successfully implemented tapXphone at major banks in:

    • Kazakhstan
    • Ukraine
    • Azerbaijan
    • Moldova
    • Latvia
    • Slovakia
    • Estonia
    • Lithuania
    • Serbia
    • Bulgaria
    • Greece

    Discover more about the tapXphone softPOS solution and unlock the potential of contactless payments for your business.

    Rabita Business

    Bank: Rabitəbank
    Country: Azerbaijan

    Mobil POS

    Bank: Bank Respublika
    Country: Azerbaijan