TapXphone Introduced in Kosovo

Expanding its reach across various countries, IBA Group unveils the tapXphone payment solution in Kosovo. Customers of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo can now transform their smartphones into convenient payment terminals. This marks the seventh implementation of tapXphone within the Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) Group.

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To facilitate payments, users must install the RaiPOS application, a certified contactless card payment solution powered by tapXphone technology. With RaiPOS, business operators can effortlessly accept payments through Visa or Mastercard cards. Explore the seamless benefits of tapXphone in Kosovo today.

Member of the Management Board, Retail Banking,
Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo

We anticipate a significant market impact with RaiPOS, expanding the merchant network and offering customers additional payment options. By enhancing the payment experience and enabling faster transaction management for merchants, we believe it will result in a memorable experience for our clients.

The tapXphone payment solution holds a CPoC certificate, validating the security of the solution and ensuring the safety of contactless transactions conducted through tapXphone.

Vadzim Smatrayeu
Head of tapXphone, IBA Group

The launch of tapXphone by Raiffeisen Kosovo will further demonstrate the bank’s commitment to innovative solutions and digital service advancements. I believe the new service, enabling customers to make one-touch payments with their smartphones, offers enhanced convenience and benefits that businesses and customers will highly appreciate.

About Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo Raiffeisen

Bank has been serving the Kosovo market since 2002, offering a comprehensive range of banking services and products for individuals, small and medium businesses, and corporations. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, the bank continuously invests in advanced IT infrastructure to provide cutting-edge services to its customers. In recognition of its excellence, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo was honored as the Best Bank in Kosovo by prestigious financial magazines EMEA Finance and Euromoney in 2021.

TapXphone Payment Solution in Raiffeisen Bank Group

The international Raiffeisen Bank Group introduced the tapXphone payment solution in 2020, marking its first implementation. Since then, users in several countries, including Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia, have used the RaiPOS system to conduct over 100,000 transactions.

About tapXphone:

Empowering Small-scale Businesses with Contactless Payments

TapXphone, a cutting-edge payment solution developed by IBA Group and certified by Visa and Mastercard, was introduced in 2019. Designed for entrepreneurs in various sectors, such as courier services, retailers, and service companies, tapXphone offers unparalleled mobility, flexibility, and speed in accepting contactless payments. With just an NFC-enabled smartphone equipped with the tapXphone app and internet connectivity, businesses can seamlessly process payments anytime, anywhere.

IBA Group has successfully implemented the tapXphone solution in leading banks across:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Slovakia
  • Latvia
  • Moldova
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia
  • Greece
  • Kosovo

Discover how tapXphone revolutionizes payment acceptance, enabling your business to embrace the convenience of smartphone-based contactless transactions.


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