Secure and Convenient Payments with tapXphone are Now Available in Lithuania and Estonia

IBA Group introduces tapXphone, the breakthrough payment solution, to clients in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, in partnership with Citadele Bank and Worldline.

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On November 8, Latvian bank clients were the first to embrace the seamless contactless payment service. Subsequently, on November 16, entrepreneurs in Lithuania and Estonia joined in, using their smartphones or tablets to receive contactless payments effortlessly.

TapXphone, a Visa-certified contactless payment solution by IBA Group, forms the foundation of the Citadele Phone POS mobile application. This innovative system allows users to accept payments via contactless bank cards without purchasing a traditional bank terminal. Specifically designed for Android mobile devices equipped with an NFC module, it ensures fast and secure transactions.
Streamline your payment experience with the convenient remote registration process, saving you valuable time and effort. To begin accepting payments, download the application from the Google Play Store and electronically sign the contract.

Initiating a transaction is a breeze open the app and enter the amount due. Customers need to hover their contactless card near the NFC module on the back of the phone to make a payment. Rest assured; this new payment method prioritizes security: card data is not stored on the device during payment. Moreover, Citadele Phone POS safeguards your privacy by preventing video recordings or screenshots of on-screen actions.

For transactions exceeding 50 euros, the application prompts customers to enter a PIN code, leveraging the PIN-on-Glass feature. This advanced security measure randomly alters the digit sequence displayed during PIN entry. An audible signal confirms successful payment, and a digital receipt can be conveniently sent to customers via SMS. Enjoy a seamless and secure payment experience with Citadele Phone POS.

Romas Cereska
Head of Baltic Baltic Funds Management and Trade
Finance Department of Citadele Bank

As the country witnesses a surge in entrepreneurial ventures, the demand for contactless payment solutions is soaring. Consumers are drawn to its speed, convenience, and enhanced security. Our innovative offering perfectly caters to these evolving needs while providing entrepreneurs with a hassle-free solution. With no additional equipment, startup costs, or monthly fees required, our solution is accessible and cost-effective. Installation is quick and user-friendly, empowering businesses to adapt swiftly to the changing landscape.

Mindaugas Joksas

My customers were taken aback when I whipped out my phone instead of a traditional card reader, but they all acknowledged its remarkable convenience. Contactless payment has become increasingly prevalent in today’s world.

TapXphone Global Reach:

TapXphone has made its mark in various countries, including:

  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine
  • Slovakia
  • Moldova
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania

IBA Group plans to expand the tapXphone solution to several European nations in the coming months.

Learn more about tapXphone solution today.


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