Eurobank Launches Smartphone Payments in Greece

Eurobank is developing mobile proximity payments in Greece and offers its customers a new solution powered by Tap-to-Phone. The project was implemented in cooperation with Visa international payment system.

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TapXphone formed the basis of Eurobank Smart POS app, which turns an Android smartphone into a mobile POS terminal capable of accepting payments. The Eurobank Smart POS app accepts all contactless Visa and Mastercard cards, including digital wallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Garmin Pay. Buyers can also pay for goods or services using NFC key fobs, rings, smart watches.

Thus, you no longer need any equipment other than a smartphone to accept payments. The service is activated upon approval of a simple application submitted at the bank. Note that the sellers have all the functionality offered by a conventional teller terminal, in particular, transaction backout, partial refund etc. The service also allows them to issue e-receipts to the customers via QR, email or SMS.

This new service will be good for small and medium-sized businesses that operate in the areas of courier delivery, catering, transport services, and also own small retail outlets.

For this purpose, a dedicated web portal has been developed for process management, where you can activate and deactivate employee records, view transactions in real time, close and open shifts manually.

Thus, tapXphone takes payments in Greece to a higher level and allows businesses to become closer to their customers by satisfying their demand for a simple and secure payment method.


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