TapXphone is Certified for Compliance with PCI CPoC

TapXphone is now one of the first 10 products in the world to obtain the next generation security certification. Therefore, entrepreneurs who use tapxhone to accept payments can rely on security of their transactions.

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PCI CPoC is a new standard for contactless payments using mobile devices. It was developed in December 2019 as a result of rapid evolution of this type of payment transactions. The standard and its associated validation program provide sellers with reliable contactless payment solutions designed and tested to protect payment data.

The standard includes requirements for COTS payment acceptance devices and their testing, software, backend systems for payment transactions and monitoring their integrity.

Vadim Smotryaev,
Head of tapXphone

This certification is an important step in the evolution of tapXphone. Thanks to this certificate, our customers from around the world can be certain about the reliability of our service and the security of their transactions

Payment solutions that replace conventional teller terminals have been rapidly developing in recent years. When using such solutions, no additional equipment is required other than the mobile device itself.

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